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Will It Break?

Our most common question! These will absolutely NEVER break inside of you. All our glass lovers know the comfort and durability of a well made glass sex toy, but we understand your apprehension if haven't had the experience. If you drop it on a hard surface like concrete or tile, you may break your toy, however they are solid glass and made to the highest quality standards. As a material, glass is strongest with compression (ie: the force that would be applied when inserted) and our human fleshy bits are incapable of delivering enough force to break our toys. We are here for pleasure and would never dream of selling toys that could possibly harm our beloved customers!

Do I Need Special Lubes?

Absolutely not! Glass is also amazing because it is non-porous. Unlike silicones it will not absorb anything. Use your favourite lube, spit, water, or nothing at all. The other benefit to them being non- porous is how smooth they will slide. Might we recommend OUR favourite lubes available in our store and made right here in Canada - Intamo lubes! We have them available in both water based and oil based options.

Do They Need Special Care?

Not particularly! Store them somewhere where they are unlikely to drop a great distance and they will last you a lifetime. Unlike silicones and other porous materials that you need special hygiene practices for (and should be throwing away every six months because of bacteria build up) glass just needs soapy water and a place to rest. They are even beautiful enough to display! Do you, we're just here to help.

Aren't They Cold?

Short answer - YES! If you want them to be. Another amazing quality of glass is that it retains temperature. So cool them down in the fridge or freezer OR warm them up in a bowl of warm water to begin. Absolutely play with different temperature sensations. But when in use, once they reach body temperature, they stay there so it feels soooooooo nice. Just a small note to remember: when going from cold to warm, allow them some time in between to reach room temperature.

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